Statistical analysis consulting firms / company, as a third party to help researchers or students who will get a master’s degree or doctoral degree, has multiple roles and tasks as well as restrictions in providing services. Why should be a limitation? Obviously because it is associated with academic activities and scientific works. Do not let the role and tasks of statistical analysis consulting firm services replaces the role of the student in completing their research.
The main task of the consulting firm statistical analysis is as follows
Provide Recommendations of Research Design and Methodology

Statistical analysis consulting firms / company is needed by student or candidate of doctoral degree because they have limitations in terms of knowledge of research methodology. Statistical consulting firm tasked with providing input related to the appropriate methodology and research design right. Whether quantitative or qualitative research methods are suitable for use by researchers. Furthermore, what if prospective research design or retrospective. Is it necessary observational studies, surveys, or even experimental design. Naturally statistical consulting firm needs to provide input. The difference consulting firm with researchers whose role is that they only provide a comprehensive overview, advantages and other research methods such disadvantages. Ultimately researcher is the party who decide what methods they use.

Statistical Data Analysis Services

Statistical consulting firms / company needed in cases researchers do not have the ability or time limitations to perform data processing through statistical software like SPSS, EVIEW, Amos, PLS, Lisrel, etc. Statistical analysis consulting firm would need to technically assist in the work of running data. But, It should not be lost is that researchers stay understand the processes and procedures of data processing. Why choose a particular software and why to use certain analytical methods, this needs to be understood by researchers. Technical matters related to the running of data can be done by statistical analysis consulting firm.

Provide Consultation of Data Analysis

Interpret the output of statistical software is an important part that the collected data into something meaningful. without interpretation, statistical results only in the form of numbers without meaning. Researchers have an important role in discussing any findings of statistical figures. But statistical analysis consulting firms / company has an important role in explaining what the numbers meaning on the table of the software output.

With the cooperation between statistical analysis consulting firms / company and researchers, is expected researchers can make better research. The better are able to use appropriate research methodology, statistical analysis method that is appropriate. Researchers, actually can just use a random method of statistical analysis and statistical software like spss and the output would be come. However, whether these analytical methods are appropriate? Naturally statistical analysis consulting firm can provide consideration.

Secondly, statistical consulting firms / company can give time efficiency to the researchers. Researcher could save time one or two weeks or even months. To learn various methods of research that a lot is not an easy thing. Moreover, statistical analysis methods are many kinds. Researchers who do not have a background in mathematics or statistics would be difficult to study statistical terms that is seldom heard.

Statistical consulting firms / company may be used by students of doctoral or master’s programs, as long as they do not replace the role as a researcher. Statistical consulting firm just give appropriate consideration of the various methods in which the decision to remain in the research. They can provide technical assistance process of running data, but researchers must still understand the process. Furthermore they only served as a third party that provides consulting services without being involved as researchers.

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