Data Analysis in Research Quantitative and Qualitative

Data Analysis in Research Quantitative and Qualitative

Research method is different with research techniques although it is similar in term of word. Data analysis method refers to a more general approach and data analysis technique is part of data analysis method. Research methods broadly divided into two parts: quantitative and qualitative method. Whereas, data analysis in quantitative research has various analytic techniques such as correlation techniques, regression, comparative, descriptive and such things.

Methods of data analysis in quantitative is a data processing approach through statistical or mathematical methods from primary or secondary data. The advantages of this method is more comprehensive.

Data Analysis in Quantitative Research

Quantitative data analysis method consists of several analytic techniques such as:

1. Descriptive analysis, we describe the results of the data collected it is through statistical measures such as mean, median, mode, and standard deviation.

2. Comparative analysis, we compare the fruit phenomenon with other phenomena, or we compare the same phenomenon in different subject groups.

3. Correlation Analysis, we examine the connection between a phenomena with other phenomena which in theory previously.

4. Causality Analysis, we question again causality between several phenomena in theory actually has allegedly interplay.

Quantitative data analysis methods are familiar in science, economics, engineering, medicine. Although, today many social research method applies in exact sciences, economics, engineering, medicine. So the approach used methods often use a quantitative approach.

Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

Methods of qualitative data analysis is a data processing approach in depth observations, interviews, literature data. The advantages of this method is in depth of study results.

Qualitative data analysis methods are more widely used in social sciences, law, sociology, politics, etc. Currently, many social subjects use quantitative methods. Qualitative methods provide advantages in terms of depth of analysis that is required in the social field. How can examine the culture of a particular ethnic group without a profound observation. How can explore the philosophical aspects of specific provisions in the law if no in-depth review. Obviously for such things necessary qualitative methods.

Qualitative data analysis method consists of a variety of analytical techniques such as:

1. Method of data analysis is necessary to organize qualitative data to be more organized. Why is this necessary? because as we all know that in qualitative research there is no such thing definite measurement, moreover a standardized scale such as in quantitative research.

2. The method of data analysis is necessary: ​​Coding of data needs to do, because the measures of data mostly in the form of verbal rather than in the form of numeric, the researchers need to do coding for homogenize some things that have the same meaning.

3. The method of data analysis is necessary: ​​Connect one concept with other concepts that may influence each other, the size of the relationship or influence can not be described by numbers.

4. method of data analysis is necessary to legitimate the results by comparing another concept that we-think contrary to the conclusions. How many other concepts that are contrary to the conclusions.

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